The hug.

by Anna Colombo

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Some hugs are so magical.

They seem to be made of light...not arms. ( Fabrizio Caramagna ).

The hug is a caress of the soul, for the soul.

Physical contact expressed through a hug is necessary for our individual and social well-being. Never before, in 2020, have we been able to understand the importance

of this gesture.

For how long around us, walls, borders, limits, when instead the only thing

what should be around us is the hug?

Hugging is an excellent means of communication between people that does not need

of verbal language: how much silence is there in a hug... but how much is said through it and how much is perceived?!!

The hug gives and gives affection and consolation.

If we looked at the past, at our memories, we would be able to distinguish many situations in which the hug was enough to console us or console us, it was an act of affection

or in response to something we have received or that we have been able to give to our loved ones. We will never be able to forget those emotions.


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