Jesus of Nazareth.

by Anna Colombo

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This image, probably very well known, expresses my religious beliefs.

I decided to make a pencil drawing of it for the beauty and intensity of the gaze, turned upwards, in an attitude of prayer, expectation, question.

The monochrome gives the image an even deeper meaning, without distractions: it allows you to identify with the subject and his situation of awareness, also allowing those light eyes to be read and the complexion to gain importance.

Credulous or incredulous, no one escapes the enchantment of this figure.

Jesus is at the center of everything, he takes on everything and takes on everything: everything suffers. It is impossible to hit any being without hitting Him, it is impossible to humiliate someone or destroy them without humiliating them, to curse or murder anyone without cursing or killing Him.

We owe everything to Jesus. The joy and peace of his presence, the anguish of his absence, the state of sin and the state of grace. Everything that constitutes day and night and even the world in darkness crossed by his rays.

No pain sincerely gave up the charm of his promise.

Jesus made God understandable.

We know God through Jesus Christ. Without this mediator all communication with God is removed.

Who knows if this drawing of mine can help us get closer to Him, feel His presence or simply make us remember His existence.

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