Daisy flower.

by Anna Colombo

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Flowers nourish the soul.

I love the simplicity and naivety of a bouquet of daisies neatly arranged in a glass on the balcony or in a simple vase.

I want my house not to be without them, just as I want to be able to enter and see the colors of the gerberas on the table in front of the window.

The flowers smell of dreams.

You can get lost in a daisy, in a daisy you wonder: there should never be one with more than one petal, or they should all have only odd petals. We never stop leafing through daisies while our head rationally searches for answers.

I tried to make mine and represent the wonderful reserve that every flower possesses; it's a bit as if every flower listened and welcomed our thoughts, our dreams and brought them as a gift to our dearest people or more simply made us appreciate their value when we look at them. Feeling emotions means being alive.

It's a bit as if we confided feelings to a flower and it kept them for us or passed them on to those we love.

An almost unthinkable exchange of emotions, ethereal, poetic yet concrete. Real.

A drawing allows a flower not to wither and make our emotions eternal.

The drawing of a flower opens up to life, this is what I get when I look at this image.

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