Roots (Do not see the grass from the root side).

by Anna Colombo

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I reproduce this image because it conveys to me the concreteness and spirituality of an important term, with a thousand meanings: "Roots".

I gave this drawing the title "Life": living, life, that is, not seeing the grass from the roots, from below, as if from a state of death.

Roots that I associate with a large tree, but also with bare drawn branches, or with the memories we keep in our hearts or those of a place we love, our native land or where we live or would like to live.

On that bench I see myself again.

There, I would find dreams, desires, hopes, I would think about my affections and love.

Love is the root of Life, its origin, its fruit, its fulfillment, its solution.

I believe that the roots are the starting point and not the part to hide, even if we often evaluate the underground part only in terms of what it offers in the light.

I love the complexity and emotional intensity that this subject manages to provoke in me: I wish everyone to experience so much in such a short time with this image.

Looking at the horizon I would find myself in a world of memories: a tear has deeper roots than a smile but a smile can bring a happy tear. Once a memory or love has blossomed, it puts down roots that never stop growing.

To experience spirituality and the reality of life we should imitate trees with high branches that touch the sky and roots that cling deeply to the earth.

I remember reading this thought in a book of quotes and aphorisms: "Looking too far away is a mistake, you don't see what's in front of you and you end up stumbling. Even concentrating on the small details that are right under your nose doesn't that's okay, if you don't look a little further you'll bump into something so it's best to do your chores by looking straight ahead as much as you need, following the order step by step.

This in all things is the fundamental point."

I would like to share it with every reader and with all those who want to stop for a moment and look at my drawing.

Roots are therefore the starting point of many things, as well as the life of a tree.

Roots and life emerge from this image.

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