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The video commentary of this work of mine can be consulted on the "Video" page of this profile of mine.

I chose to reproduce this image in pencil because it conveyed to me: sweetness and beauty; reflection, memory and introspection.

I perceive a personal experience of the subject that is similar to many of my own; an experience that reaches the soul as probably indicated by the hands, one on the chest and the other near the lips. Maybe Love?... intimate and profound emotion, so intense that it makes you lower your gaze, perhaps to hide the blush, the beating of the heart or out of modesty, to keep for yourself the light in the eyes that Love unquestionably provokes.

Interiority to be preserved, perhaps precocious to be expressed.

I was also struck by the style of the long hair, the play of light and shadow, the figure and its meaning expressed in very few signs.

I have recently been experimenting with this technique, always based on black and white but without going through shades of gray and details; they are softer pencils that do not allow for details and retouching.

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