White horse.

by Anna Colombo

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I chose to create this drawing because for me the white horse expresses beauty and nobility: the nobility of the bearing, of the soul, of the actions and gestures, not only of the animal, but also of the rider, to the point of no longer distinguishing who belongs in the leadership role..

"The rider will not pretend to conquer his horse's fear unless he is certain that he has conquered, first and foremost, his own!"

(Alessandro Alvisi).

To explain this statement I did some research and here I will only briefly focus on how the horse is the symbol of fertility and wheat being linked to the cycle of renewal of vegetation and the seasons. When it is white in color it becomes a symbol of light, of the sun and represents the birth of the day.

If we think about the horse, about riding it, it allows us to be materially lifted from the ground but also to be analytically relieved from our fears or to feel great and powerful where others have made us feel fragile and small (others or even ourselves).

"Being on a horse", "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse", are all common expressions that testify to value, freedom and positive progress.

Horses read our mood (i.e. the energy) that we emit with our body. When we approach a horse, it (as a prey animal) immediately and from a distance of meters feels how we feel in the depths of our soul, even beyond our awareness. He literally "feels" the energy we emit and reacts to it depending on whether this energy is clear or confused for him. The more aware we are of how we feel deep within ourselves, the more we emit a calm, reliable energy to a horse that will prompt the horse to relax in our presence. The less aware we are of our thoughts and emotions, the more we will emit a confused energy to which the horse will instinctively react with its body language.

A horse, by virtue of a capacity for precise and profound perception perfected over millennia, only reads what is in the depths of our soul and is not in the least interested in our social mask: who we are, how many degrees we have, how much we are rich or cultured... This is because our energy is emitted from deep within and not from appearance. How many times do we "have sensations" that tell us something different from what we see? How many times do we say that "we like or dislike a person" regardless of what we know about them? How many times, when entering a room where two people have argued, do we perceive a silent tension even if they tell us that nothing happened? Here, in those cases, we are "capturing" energetic information, different from physical information. We are behaving like a horse.

This is why it is impossible to deceive a horse and this is why horses have become, within some disciplines, precious guides to our deepest awareness and are able to open the doors of our soul, revealing to us what we , alone and without their guidance, we cannot see.

What greater nobility than recognizing your emotions and accepting yourself?

Or knowing how to accept them in others, perhaps even valuing them?

For a person like me, who has always lived, and despite everything, with emotions, this image represents the important value of respect towards oneself and towards what or who is around us, establishing a double but also unique bond.

A white horse gives respect and receives it.

I also associate my childhood dreams with the white horse, but above all the awareness of my age and the values I believe in, first of all respect, of whatever type it is and in whatever form it is demonstrated.

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