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Observing this image, looking at its eyes, a feeling of security and protection comes to the soul, as if its strength and energy, together with its beauty and majesty, would protect us from difficulties and from those who want to do us harm. bad.

He conveys the ability not to give up in difficult moments.

He encourages you to follow your own spiritual path, but also the concrete daily path, without necessarily resorting to aggression, relying on self-control and perseverance in achieving your goals.

It's as if the tiger also had a soul.

Leadership is associated with the lion, but strength and courage are also associated with the tiger

which conveys tenacity, self-awareness and resilience.

(Starting from a general symbolic vision one could say that the tiger takes on both positive and negative connotations.

In its positive aspect it is the symbol of strength, power and also of supernatural energy. In its negative aspect it represents the infernal powers, the wild and destructive nature.

In Chinese culture the tiger has a purifying function because it acts as a guardian of souls, devouring those of those who go beyond limits and boundaries).

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