The wise age.

by Anna Colombo

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The young man walks faster than the old man but the old man knows the way.

(African proverb).

"Elderly". When we say this word, wrinkles, white hair, a thin body come to mind... but we don't always keep one thing in mind: we don't always realize all the love that older people can give.

They don't just need affection and love: they also give it.

If we talk to the elderly we are enriched with new experiences and many emotions.

I feel a lot of tenderness when I see older people.

These days, in the Covid era, I think about their fragility and I also feel a bit of sadness but I certainly always feel a lot of joy seeing them smile and also trust because I know that they are very wise and that they can tell me all the experiences they have lived, enriching me.

Giacomo Leopardi saw in the old man the custodian of the truths of life, but also the man who no longer has the capacity to delude himself.

It is true.

Old people are sometimes sad, melancholy but theirs is such a sweet melancholy, so full of tenderness, they just need to look at you to share their state of mind.

Many elderly people "have hands that keep affection and loyalty under their skin".

The elderly person is a weak and strong person at the same time, the foundation of the present, rich in love and teachings.


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