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πάντα ῥεῖ
everything flows
- Heraclitus

One of my favorite paintings

Right after I finished it, I didn't like it. I covered it with a cloth and put it away, and after a few days I left for a month-long trip.
When I came back from the trip, I wasn't feeling very well, I felt down, and one day that painting came back to my mind.
I lifted the sheet I had used to cover it and sat down in front of it to observe it.
I saw it different. Now I liked it.
I couldn't stop looking at it, looking at it made me feel light, and transported to a place of peace.

I found a prominent spot for it and hung it in front of my bedroom door, so that every time I got up and walked out of there, I could see it.

I spent so many mornings dazed in front of it, breathing in and letting it feed my soul.
Over time I have been better and after a few months I felt that it was time to change its position and make a new one to observe every morning.

Today in its place there is another one, more suitable for the moment now, and "Flow" hangs in the living room along with its other colorful brothers.



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