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"It is said that when a person looks at the stars it is as they wanted to find their own dimension lost in the universe."
– Salvador Dalì

Here, I think something similar happens when we listen to a music or a sound that we like, or when we see a work of art or an image that catches our eye.

There are medicines hidden in sounds and colors, ancient and at the same time new and future cures that can expand the spirit and touch the heart. This is what I also feel happening when I paint, or sing, or dance, or write. It happens in a profound place that I have learned to listen to. It is a place that we all have, whether we know it or not. It is a place of lightness and love, presence and trust, and sometimes it is enough to put a little light in it to find it.

This painting is made with watercolor on raw cotton paper 320g, protected by a natural final varnish (casein based), embellished with golden (ink) outlines.


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