"I'm not always good at it, but believe it or not, I take my fragile oddities with irony"

by Margherita Coralluzzo

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Life is not a chasing after material goods or social and working positions that put us in the mirror as people who matter, who are worth. Life is love for life itself. It is love for creation, oneself and therefore one's neighbor. Life is the emotions and pains that scratch the soul but precisely because they are true they make the soul lovable. Life is made up of fast and slow steps, of hands that meet dirty hands, ruined by fatigue. Life is not appearance, it is not the elegance of a dress, the nobility of belonging or the luxury of a car or home. Life is not the illusion of what you don't have and what you can't have. Life is accepting human frailty made up of worries, problems, differences. Life is being in substance not in materiality. Life is the soul that enters the heart of one's brother or sister. Life is not the deception of living but the feeling of being the protagonist of one's own existence. God the Father doesn't want us puppets, he doesn't ask us for material riches. The Father wants our clarity that shows the soul as it is without the need to hide. The Father wishes to teach men to be bearers of peace, love, joy. (John Paul II)

(Print on 5 mm thick precious methacrylate, maximum resolution and sharpness, with standard support for direct fixing to the wall - Certificate of authenticity by the author, printed in A4 on high quality Baryta FineArt paper sent with the painting - Payment with PayPal - The artist has chosen to rely on the company "Saal Design Italy" for the services of printing his works on photographic canvas, packaging, insured shipping by courier, and "everything" already included in the "Quotation").

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