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This is a painting called Luna (Moon).
I don't know which moon it is, maybe it's not ours, but there is a moon, and others too.

And planets and distant places that we have yet to discover, or that perhaps we have discovered in other forgotten eras, or that perhaps we visit in dreams when we fall asleep, and then wake up in some way regenerated or relieved.

I like to discover, I like to paint, I like to feel, and when I work on a painting I do these three things together at the same time so how beautiful.

If something resonates with you, and you too would like your custom canvas, or you want to make a special gift, you can contact me here in the form or at the email [email protected] I just need a name and a date of birth to create something that can speak to the heart of the person to whom the painting is intended.

With love,

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