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Personalized Painting made for E. and G.

In "Strenght" there are the grace and power of a silver wave

Together with the sweetness and charm of a full moon night on the sea.

The wonder of a fantastic or magical scenery, studded with stars and golden drops.

In this painting, many worlds are breathed, many vibrations that speak beyond the figurative image that emerged on the canvas.

Expansion, peace, balance between masculine and feminine, harmony and light are some of the vibrations that can be felt.

"Strenght" is a painting, like many of the Personalized Canvases, which together moves and stimulates the ability to "stay".

Promotes action, assertive movement (belonging to the sphere of the masculine)
and it supports steadfastness, the ability to stand firm and open, like the moon when it is full. As welcoming as a mother (aspects belonging to the feminine sphere).

Feminine and masculine are both aspects present in each of us.
This painting speaks of a balance between the two, and between the two types of force they exert.
This, when exercised in a healthy way and with harmony between masculine and feminine, has the ability to protect and build the new, and does not cast shadows around itself: it leads to act with presence and courage, and does not need to obscure others to assert itself.


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