Biography Mario Fanconi 

Mario Fanconi was born in Bellinzona on July 23, 1912, originally from Poschiavo.He achieved his commercial maturity at the Bellinzona commercial school in 1932 and worked for several years as an employee at a metallurgical company in inland Switzerland, taking care of the administrative part.

He returned to Ticino and found a job as a state, married in 1945 and had two daughters and settled with his family in Lugano.

In 1947 he opened a business in Lugano selling exclusive items for 40 years, alongside the successful business, the love of painting.

In 1990 he closed his business for age reasons and indulged in his loyal customers by setting up an exhibition of his works in his shop.

At last he was able to devote his time to those things that were closest to his heart.

In fact, since 1972 he began to systematically cultivate painting, which has resulted in a large number of paintings, about 700 paintings partly sold in Switzerland, Germany, and America; with the stimulus of a never concluded research and the satisfaction of singing with color a balanced dimension of existence

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