Self-taught artistic formation as he defines himself, without the need to follow a precise line, freely expresses through painting what springs from his soul. His journey to painting began early at the age of sixteen and he painted his first painting, representing a hunting scene. His avid hunter father saw his son's predisposition for painting, gave him an oil box and a canvas, asking him to paint him a hunting picture. His first painting was a real success that led him to start his artistic career. He would have preferred, in his life to pursue an artistic career, a desire that unfortunately the circumstances did not allow him to realize. Despite this he continued to cultivate this biological passion, during his free time, at any cost; a journey that took place in stages, but never abandoned, thus realizing his dream in the drawer.

A generous art that constantly testifies to the pleasure of painting united in happy union to the joy of life of the artist. His paintings are essentially post-impressionistic as much of modern painting; through the flood of colors, offers us through his works numerous and varied images. From the magnificent floral bouquets, to landscapes, from female faces, to animals, to playful children, to the drama of social plagues such as drugs, hunger and war. But in all its expressions there is never exasperation even in the most painful and distressing situations; mediated as it is by the constant chromatic research that thus becomes the reassuring way between the reality that surrounds us and the sensations of the painter. The sense of painting is therefore traced in its innate confidentiality and in its jousting expressive freshness that are renewed in the individual paintings.

Some subjects repeat, flowers and landscapes are painted infinitely, but the replica is not synonymous with monotony, but rather the invention of a play of harmonic colors with full-bodied shades, of variety of views that alternate on the canvas. Shaped by different techniques and by the unexasperated formal experiments, his paintings are a soothing, never aggressive or violent, of relaxed and silent images, which know how to carve out a corner of peace in a society that has made violence and vulgarity its banners. Its color spots are among the most beautiful things it has produced; perhaps the most shared ones, more so that allow him to focus on a well-defined theme, expanding it to other meanings. This means that painting is really his way of expressing himself and communicating with an inner level that. According to his works, he is of particular wealth.

On the psychological side, through the flood of colors, it expresses very well the joy that painting manages to convey; though his favorite painter Van Gogh for whom we know that art has often been a torment. Painting for Fanconi has been and continues to be the beautiful side of life, the one in which to dilute its emotional dimension and its cultural sensitivity.



COLLECTIVE IN LUISA MONCADA: from 12-24 November at the Pitturiamo Gallery in Caltanisetta

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Video Exhibition for 15 days in Caltanissetta from 12 to 24 November (PitturiAmo Gallery - Viale conte Testasecca, 12) in conjunction with the inauguration of the gallery;

• Video Exhibition for 15 days at the ZeroUno Gallery in Barletta (dates to be agreed);

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• Name of the artist on all advertising posters;

• Buffet with opening aperitif;2020 "VAN GOGH" AWARD issued by "La chimera arte" Lecce

PAINTING GALLERY in Caltanisetta

Masters Exhibition - From New York to Caltanissetta ". 12-24 November the painting entitled" Symphonies of colors "is

was selected for the live exhibition for the opening of the gallery

VITTORIO SGARBI AWARD in Ferrara at the Exhibition Center from 29 October to 1 Novembe

the award ceremony and the exhibition of the artists' works will be held, on Friday 29 October the official presentation of the event with Vittorio Sgarbi, who will view the works on display. On display: "COLORE E GIOIA" oil on canvas, 50x50, impressionism


Participation with exhibition of the painting entitled "Magical lake of Origlio" from 8 to 10 October organized by the Queenartgallery of Padua

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The works exhibited live that will not be sold during the exhibition will be exhibited for 2 weeks at the "Queenartgallery" in Padua.

Obtained Certificate of Merit issued by the Queenartgallery.


Awarded by the Chimera of Lecce as recognition after evaluating the artist's works.


Admission to the event to be held on 7 August live on the Facebook page, through a video exhibition of the works awarded and selected by the Critics "Award of the Golden Lion Trophy for Visual Arts 2021" at the conference room of the Hotel Principe in Venice. The artist will be assigned:

Gold trophy for the visual arts, complete with name plate.

Critical motivation See criticism

Personal diploma of honor from the artist, copy of the catalog (2 pages) and 2 published works.

Award-winning work: "Magical lake of Origlio"   


    GUGLIELMO PRIZE II 12/18 September in Monreale participation with the work

           entitled "Storm Coming".

          RAFFAELE SANZIO AWARD in Rome in the "Area contesa" gallery in via

          Margutta 12/18 September participation with the work entitled

          "Romantic reading outdoors" got a merit recommendation.

           MANHATTAN AWARD 21/24 October participation with the work entitled

           "Symphonies of colors"

            DIPLOMA HONORIS CAUSA MASTER OF ART issued by the Historical Archives 

             of Padova.

            PABLO PICASSO AWARD October 2020 issued by the historical archive of fine             arts of Padua.

2019    ORATORIO S. ROCCO "in Ponte Capriasca" vernissage "Poetry of the soul"                       presented by Dalmazio Ambrosioni.

2018 LA TERRAZZA SUL LAGO RESTAURANT in Morcote vernissage "Flowers and         nature" presented by Dalmazio Ambrosioni

2016 S. ROCCO ORATORIO Ponte Capriasca "vernissage" Macchie di colore "presented         by Damazio Ambrosioni

2015 CASA BATTAGLINI Cagiallo "vernissage" Vibrations of the soul "presented by         Villatora.

2002 CASA DEI LANFOGTI Rivera Monteceneri Vernissage "Faces and landscapes"         presented by Villatora

1997 LAKE LUGANO HOTEL Bissone vernissage "Trees in spring" presented by Monica         di Marco

1993 CASA DEI LANFOGTI Rivera vernissage "Landscapes and flowers" presented by         Villatora

1992 CENTRUM ART GALLERY Chiasso vernissage "Flowers, landscapes and faces *            presented by Damazio Ambrosioni

1990 BOUTIQUE CRISTINA Lugano vernissage personal exhibition presented by         Dalmazio Ambrosioni

1979 BANCA UNIONE DI CREDITO Bellinzona Vernissage "Solo exhibition"

1975 ART GALLERY Ponte Tresa Italy first personal exhibition

         "PAINTING COMPETITION" presented by Villatora


Landscapes, flowers, abstract, still life, nature, animals, portraits,


oil, pastel, charcoal, mixed media, watercolor


Both the drawing and the pastel techniques, as well as the oils on canvas or hemp, attest to the artist's talent and define his style which, in some works, appears extremely refined and, at the same time, graceful, loose and effective on an aesthetic level and intimate expression, this linked to a sensitivity that appears uncommon in being able to grasp the chromatic nuances.

The often blotchy colors appear lively and well contrasted, never excessive, capable of collecting luministic values ​​in a careful and exemplary way, with sufficient ease and mastery.

An honest painting that unfolds to the user for the visual pleasure it produces, for the inner poem that reveals itself, for the artist's undoubted love for life, which externally in every touch, as if the deepest drives were coming out soul.

the power of colors is, for the master Fanconi, an essential way to communicate his emotions, while the graceful touch enhances a harmonious vision of great effect, dynamic and distinctive.

Pastel work is also of excellent quality.


landscapes,flowers, abstract, still life, nature, animals, portraits.


oil, pastel, charcoal, mixed technique,water colour.