by Anna Colombo

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"Memories smell like light; they cannot be turned off."

They are emotions of the heart, in the heart; of loved ones, near or far, present or lost, of experiences, of Life.

They need our protection but at the same time they know how to give us strength and illuminate our most intimate moments.

They are a light that stays on, only if we desire it and if we take care of it, just as if we did it with ourselves.

I chose to present this drawing because it is very important to me.

I created it in 2017, I dedicated it to my parents who are no longer here, my mother had recently passed away and being able to still create something tangible for them, but also eternal, gave me joy and comfort.

I personally feel the importance and value of memories and all memories, in the most general sense of the term, because it means that we have lived through emotions, be they negative memories that help us and encourage us to do better, or positive and happy memories. that accompany us in some particular moments or every day.

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